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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 20 Court Martial

Kind of a throwaway episode in my opinion.  Not really bad enough to be great, but not really great.  I did like seeing McCoy bitch out Spock for playing chess only to have Spock throw it back in McCoys face, but not an episode that comes rushing back to my head when I think about Star Trek.

However I did like this episode because it, like a couple others (Obsession for one) gives us a nice glimpse of Kirk as a junior officer.  During the series and in TWOK he refers to himself as a very serious and by the book student at the Academy and young ensign.  Cartoon t shirtToo bad JJ Abrams never saw any of that and just wrote Kirk as Spicolli meets Johnny Bravo (image courtesy of our cartoon t shirt category).

The other cool thing from this episode is for once Kirk got bit on the ass by all his womanizing.  One of the women he had a “close encounter” with, Lt. Shaw, shows up and takes the case as prosecutor against him.  She claimed it was merely professional duty but there is a part of me that likes to believe she relished roasting Kirk over the coals.

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