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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 19 Tomorrow is Yesterday

I did enjoy this one as a kid.  My father was in the Air Force and I liked jets a lot.  As a movie reviewer I also have to say this is an example where a voice over monolog is well placed.  The plot device of the Captains Log as a monolog is a great Star Trek trick and by using it at the beginning of this episode to replace filming the actual accident that sent them back in time they saved a lot of time.

The problem with this one is the very loose approach to the Butterfly Effect Spock takes.  Sure Captain Christopher didn’t do much but just by not being on the planet things could have changed dramatically.  If he hadn’t been on line at the bank one day someone might have gotten out 30 seconds sooner and been hit by a bus that would have otherwise not happened.  This was kind of the whole point behind City on the Edge Superman T Shirtsof Forever so I guess I have an issue with them changing time travel mechanics 9 episodes later.  Also the “go super fast to travel back in time” was totally lifted from Superman.  I like to see more imagination. (image from our collection of Superman t shirts)

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