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Ouija Review Part 3

Horror Movie T-ShirtsThe story.  A girl (Shelly Hennig) plays around with a Ouija board by herself and kills herself.  Her best friend Laine (Olivia Cooke), Laine’s sister Sarah (Ana Coto), and three other Red Shirts (Daren Kagasoff, Bianca Santos, Doughlas Smith) try to use the board to contact Debbie but instead contact the ghost that killed her.  The kids start dropping off one by one like participants in a game of musical chairs and it’s up to Laine to figure out what is going on.  At this point just switch over to any vengeful spirit episode of Supernatural and substitute two hot sisters for the two hot brothers and you are good to go.  Turns out the last occupant in the house was a medium who had two daughters and killed one of them while talking to spirits and the other daughter killed the mother and the girl is buried in the basement and they need to release the spirit and then they need to burn the body Supernatural style and…

I’m sorry did I fall asleep there?  Looks like there is a limit to how many cliches I can recount in a day before falling into a coma.  So how about this movie you ask?  Meh.  The atmosphere stuff works really well and if being startled by a door shutting and showing you a creepy man/boy who wasn’t there a second ago (it was just one of the boyfriends) gets your blood pumping you won’t regret it.  However if you are looking for either an original story or a body count movie this will bore the crap out of you.  Acting wasn’t bad nor were the special effects given the budget (I can literally see the PA in my mind they had thumping on walls and floors).  However the formulaic nature of the film and the gore smothering PG-13 rating will leave you with nothing to grab onto.  See it if there is nothing else good on but honestly I’d rather have seen John Wick a second time.  2 of 5 Phasers.Star Trek t-shirts

Looks like kind of a lame movie weekend honestly.  I have a couple of cultural commentary blog I have been thinking about so maybe I will do those this weekend.  I suppose I should go see Box Trolls and am excited about Nightcrawler so I will have something for you this weekend.  Thanks for reading.

the Infamous Dave Inman

(BTW the image is actually a t-shirt we have in the horror movie t-shirts category.  Even I get surprised by what we have sometimes).




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