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Nightcrawler Review Part 1

Something weird happened while I was watching this film.  I became a Jake Gyllenhaal fan.

Not that I ever had anything against him.  I have always been a big Donnie Darko fan and enjoyed him a great deal in End of Watch.  Even when he does mediocre crap like Source Code I generally like his performance and of course I have had a thing for his hot sister Maggie ever since Stranger than Fiction.

However last night while watching this excellent movie I suddenly came to realize that he is a great actor and have put him on the list of with performers like Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt whom I will seek to see in any film regardless of subject matter just for their performances.  If those three did a remake of Fried Green Tomatoes in drag I would check it out.

So I guess I have already given away how I feel about this film and that is that it rocked.  Great story, excellent camera work, tight editing, good dialog, and above all Jake Gyllenhaal my new man crush.  What was great about him?  He is super, duper, uber, smuber, foober creepy and engaging in a way that only true sociopaths can be.  Star Wars t-shirtsHis fast paced and concise monolog engaged me in a way that I can only compare to Tyler Durden delivering his destruction of modern values speeches in Fight Club or Emperor Palpatine explaining to Luke how much he failed to understand the Force in Return of the Jedi that I love so much.  (retro Fett image courtesy of the my collection of Star Wars t-shirts)  Plus I don’t know if it was makeup, camera work, lighting, his own face, or just emoting so great it translated into his look but Jake definitely had the insane crazy eyes going that will have you squirming in your seat.

If you look at this film as a character study of a true nut job I think you will get the most bang for your buck.  He is truly out there and each scene just shows you how much out of touch with actual humanity he is.  Jake has always done crazy well (i.e. Donnie Darko) but it now all previous films seem like prep work for this movie.  Sorry to gush on about his performance so much but the man truly nailed this film.


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