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Nightcrawler Review Part 3

Story recap.  Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a down and out sociopath and petty thief when he comes across an accident being filmed by news stringer Joe Loder (Bill Paxton).  Louis realizes there is money in it and trades a stolen bike for a camera and police scanner.  He starts filming accidents and crime scenes and selling them to desperate news director Nina Romina (Rene Russo.  Remember her being naked in like 50% of the Thomas Crown Affair?  I sure do.  She also played Frigga in Thor, which is both a great film and an awesome character name.  The Norse did it right.  Comic Book T ShirtsThor image from the comic book t shirts collection).  He learns quickly and in short order is creating news as much as filming it.  He extorts Nina into sleeping with him in a skin crawlingly creepy scene and steadily increases his skills and value to the network.  He gets involved in a major crime and films all of it.

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5 of 5! Excellent!

So worth seeing or not?  Hell yes.  You are a fool if you don’t go see this film.  Every scene with Jake in it will have you glued to the screen and every scene has him in it.  Date movie?  In the sense of a film that will encourage your date to get naked with you no but in the sense that you care about your date and want her to see an excellent movie yes.  Bathroom break?  Hold it dude.  This film is worthy of you wetting your pants.  5 of 5 phasers.

More to see soon but I am still working on those social commentary blogs that I think I need to share with the world.  I’ll post them soon.  Thank you all for reading .  I hope you all have a great night.

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