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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 16 Shore Leave

I admit I loved this episode as a kid but as an adult (with body hair and everything) I now kind of think of it as fairly juveniles.  When I did my list of favorite Trek episodes it didn’t even make the top 20.  To be honest I have always been more inclined towards the serious and depressing episodes.  They just always felt like they have more gravitas.

As an adult I also have some questions about the Omicron Delta planet.  If they have to technology to take McCoy’s ripped out heart and bleeding corpse and revive him wouldn’t that make the planet the destination of every cadaver in the Federation?  In fact as a doctor wouldn’t Bones have an interest in some of those techniques?  Seems like a season later McCoy almost had Sarek die on the operating table.  Some of the Omicronian technology might have come in handy.

Firefly TshirtsFor that matter how about the whole mind reading thing?  Seems like this planet is a treasure trove of tech for the Federation and I probably would have strip mined it to it’s molten core.  Either that or just lived there and populated the entire planet with clones of Zoe, Inara, and Kaylee from Firefly.  Sorry you can’t visit.  (very appropriate image courtesy of the Firefly tshirt category)

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