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Intersteller Review part 1

A sci fi movie for people who aren’t sci fi fans.

This has been an ugly trend in Hollywood.  Vampire films for people who know nothing about vampires, zombie films for future zombie chow, and comic book movies for idiots who spent their high school years having sex with girls instead of hanging out in the local comic book hole like a normal person.  It’s Babies First Sci Fi Movie and like anything associated with babies is cute and fun for a while but eventually gets messy, smelly, noisy, and unnecessarily complicated.

This film is very visual and I have huge respect for physical effects over CGI.  However the story is really kind of dumb and derivative of many other (better) sci fi movies and stories in the same way that a blue wall is derivative of a can of blue paint.  Again, I’m sure it will seem very cool and original to anyone who can’t tell you whether or not Yoda ever said “Live long and prosper” but for anyone who has ever read Clarke, Vonnegut, L’Engle, Heinlein or any of several hundred authors (or TV shows and movies) it will all seem like a badly done parody of those ideas.

Cartoon T ShirtThe there is the science.  If science were a small child Christopher Nolan would have been arrested and listed on the Megan’s Law website toot sweet (Get out of my lab image from a real scientist, Dexter, is courtesy of the cartoon t shirt category).  I see this as absolute contempt that he and Hollywood has for we the audience.  This film will only work if you know absolutely nothing about physics, astrophysics, chemistry, relativity, or quantum theory.  I am a nerd who loves science and enjoys it when a film at least makes passing eye contact with science at a cocktail party.  However I am willing to forgive some bad science if it is in the interest of furthering a decent plot but a lot of this crap was completely unnecessary and only advanced this ponderous and convoluted morass of plot holes and threads.


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