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Intersteller Review part 2

Sometimes giving a director some kind of oversight is not a bad thing.

The stench of the opus pet project spills off this film like rancid roadkill.  It’s clear that the operative word here was BIGGER.  The numerous plot threads fly back and forth across the screen like a ball of yarn with an M-80 stuck in it.  TJaws t shirtshere are more ideas and concepts here than a shark has teeth and they all seem to be hell bent on taking a bite out of the audiences patience.  (Image from the Jaws t shirts collection)

The net result of the legion of concepts is you are left with two questions; what the point of it all is and why did they feel the need to pack so much into one movie?  Is Christopher Nolan retiring and this is his last film ever?  Does he have so many ideas bursting from every seam that a film with only 20 seems impoverished to him?   Most movie directors like to take an idea or thread and cultivate it into a well presented film but this one stuffed itself on every sci fi meme ever and then vomited it all over the canvas like a crappy performance artist, trying to see which ideas stick and form pleasing shapes.  I left the theater with not a dook of an idea of what message was actually being presented.

The other net result of all the gyrations the story goes through is this film is insufferably long.  There was a scene that wanted us to believe a planet could orbit a black hole close enough to have the time dilation be one hour on the planet equal seven years on Earth and honestly I was kind of feeling that dilation in the theater.  Two hours and 49 minutes felt like 15 years.  Also remember all that bad science I talked about?  I how did that planet get heat and/or light?  Or be close enough to a black hole to dilate its time that much without being ripped apart by the gravitational pull?  A black hole is not like a big planet or sun.  It will destroy every object in a solar system in short order.


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