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Intersteller Review part 3

Bad science is the least of this films problems.

I could go on about all the other bad science for the rest of this review but I don’t really need to when I have such campy mediocre dialog and gaping plot holes to party with.  Even assuming Christopher Nolan didn’t hire a top scientist to consult with him (which he did incidentally) and learned all he ever need to know about science and astrophysics by watching old Space 1999 reruns I have to believe he knows how to make a decent film and not have the story stumble upon dopey plot holes and story pacing from hell.  The dialog was very campy which would have worked brilliantly in a camp film but this film was supposed to be taken seriously (also I know this is my own personal bias but every time I heard Matthew McConaughey speak all I could see was him shirtless in Magic Mike saying “But I think I see a lotta lawbreakers up in this house tonight…”).  Of course since this is a Nolan joint the soundtrack has to so overpower the dialog that you miss most of it.  Good thing there weren’t about 3 billion different ideas he was trying to transmit with his dialog (oh wait there was…).

Movie t shirtFor all that if you dropped acid in a theater while watching the “My God!  It’s full of stars!” scene from 2001 you will probably enjoy the hell out of the visuals (Image courtesy of the movie t shirt category).  If you are not a fan of sci fi but want to be able to at least sound like you know a thing about it when talking to the tech geeks at work (you know, become a poser) this film will probably work very well for you.  Like many of Christopher Nolan less than great films you can’t just hate this one completely.  He is too talented to make absolute crap and I applaud a film that fails for trying to do too much rather than one that fails for trying to do too little.  I can totally see why half the reviews are lauding this movie and the other half are lamenting it (including Jae, there girl who writes on our other blog.  She thought it was great).


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