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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 15 the Galileo Seven

Season 1 is such a wealth of great episodes (well, except for the Alternative Factor and This Side of Paradise) and this one is is near the top of that list.  I loved this episode.  Of course the whole “crash landed shuttle craft” theme was then stolen by every series following even shows that really had no business exploring stuff (I’m looking at you, DS9) and even surfaced in Fallout 2.

It should be obvious to any of my four regular readers that I am a huge Spock fan and this show was all Spock.  He is extra cool in this one and the fact that the human crew don’t understand his flawless logic even in doing something illogical shows how much he is at a higher level.

On the other hand this episode was kind of hard on red shirts.  One thing I’ll give Next Gen and the later shows is they gave their shuttle craft more equipment than six phasers and some retro 70’s post modern furniture.  Horror Movie T-ShirtsSeems like had they had even one mounted phaser they could have used that to shoot the bigfoots or even drain the battery for more power (image courtesy of the horror movie t-shirts).

Anyway, great episode and one I enjoy a lot.

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