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Big Hero 6 Review Part 2

But to continue with my fair/unfair comparison to Wreck-It Ralph where does this film fail to live up to the comparison?  Well to be honest when you look at WIR you can see that it has three key elements that work seemlessly together; story, character development, and action.  Each part reinforces the other two and together they form one of those really cool Celtic patterns that looks gorgeous from a distance and when you get up close you can see the intricacy of the pattern.  In Big Hero 6 the film tries to do the same thing but instead of having the elements work together they keep on tripping on each other.  The character development blocks off the story while the story gets in the way of the action and the action lessons the value of the character development.  It was like watching the Three Stooges all try to go through one door at the same time and bounce out or perhaps a new kind of roshambo.

Marvel t-shirtsI guess this is from a comic book of some kind and I will give the film mad props for the best Stan Lee cameo yet (image courtesy of the Marvel T-Shirts collection).  It did have a comic book feel to it but most comic book movies invite a level of story complexity sadly lacking in this plot.  The main bad guy’s plan was dumb and rather than let him develop organically he is forced into the film with all the subtlety of a multiple trepanning delivered with a ball peen hammer.  Again, I know.  Kids movie so we can’t expect One Hour Photo but WIR managed to give us a great story that still entertained the rugrats.

On the other hand Baymax is super cute and cool and if your kids are the type to fall in love with unique cartoon characters this movie has a ton of them each with a distinct personality and look.  Like I said I don’t consider this film Nut Job bad or even bad at all.  Just not great.  Of course since everyone else is tongue bathing this film on a regular basis (88% on Rotten Tomatoes) looks like I get to be the kid in the Emperors New Clothes once more.




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