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Big Hero 6 Review Part 3

The story.  Hiro (Scott Adsit) is a precocious 14 year old who makes money in illegal bot fighting.  He is pulled out of a jam and into college by his older brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) who convinces him to try to get into the robotics program by impressing Prof. Callaghan (James Cromwell).  Hiro does it by inventing microbots that merge to form a big robot amoeba.  That night there is a fire and Tadashi and Callaghan are killed and the microbots destroyed.

While in the mass of depression Hiro activates Baymax, a giant rubber healer robot Tadashi invented.  Baymax wants to heal Hiro and so helps him follow his last microbot only to discover a bad guy is building thousands of them for some reason.  Hiro hooks up with a bunch of his other nerd friends and in order to stop the guy with the microbots they make superhero costumes for themselves.  Baymax turns from a super sweet balloon guy into a killing machine and there is a “twist” that comes from no where and does nothing other than give the bad guy a reason to be bad.

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3 of 5. OK.

So worth seeing or not?  I’d say yes, but when Wreck-It Ralph came out I saw it four times in the theater and then bought it on DvD and have watched it probably a dozen times since.  I could easily not see this film again for several years if ever.  Cartoon t shirtI would put in on the level of Frozen (another film that I thought was less good than apparently every other American alive or dead.  Maybe I am just tilting at windmills here (or maybe my “alternative” childhood has given me a different outlook on life.  Thanks dad)  Image courtesy of the cartoon t shirt category) and I’m sure you will see a lot of toys, video games, shirts, and Halloween costumes for all the characters.  Your kids will enjoy it as long as death doesn’t freak them out and you will not be totally bored so I’d say go for it.  3 of 5 phasers.

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