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Star Trek Retrospective: the Menagerie Part I and II

I think this episode gets the award for best reuse of old pilot footage ever.  Thank heaven Leonard Nimoy was in both the pilot and the series.  Otherwise they would have had to let this one go completely.  Also this episode is a great chance for Star Trek fans in wheelchairs cosplay.

However I want to take issue with Pike as it relates to the JJ Abrams abominations.  Was it absolutely necessary for the new time line to put Pike in a wheelchair again?  In TOS he was horribly burned by delta rays in a training accident.  So does it mean that regardless of time line he is inevitably fated to end up in a wheelchair?  How about a timeline where he just stubs his toe or something?  Star Wars T-ShirtsAlso couldn’t they give Pike some kind of Darth Vader-esque power suit or something?  I mean if JJ wants to be making Star Trek anyway.  Image courtesy of the Star Wars t-shirts collection.

Anyway, this was an intriguing episode although it did result in the Talosians gaining their slave population assuming Vina can still have about 20 children and they aren’t too particular with regards to inbreeding.  I did like seeing the formal uniforms and court marshal procedures.  Although if the Talosians could create a fake Mendez with Kirk from thousands of light years away why didn’t they just create fake orders from Star Fleet telling him to drop Pike off toot sweet?

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