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Real Life Hoverboards!!!

It is well known that most everything cool in this world was first shown in a science fiction movie or TV show.  In fact most of our coolest stuff now was first in Star Trek (cell phones, tablets, self aware computers, green dancing slave girls).  I used to do some writing for another blog that specialized in technology that comes from science fiction (got shut down unfortunately).

Novelty t shirtOne of the cooler inventions from science fiction (for me) was always the hoverboard from Back to the Future, which ironically in the movie was readily available in the far off year of 2015 (this image is from a novelty t shirt in our Back to the Future collection).  Talk about an awesome way to get around.  Of course really without direction control the vectors will have you on your ass every time (statics was one class I actually aced.  I am the vector king).  However I always wanted to have one.

Now a company right here in the Bay Area has officially invented a working Hoverboard!  I couldn’t be more excited.  It works on magnets and needs a metal floor but still a lot of half pipes are metal these days.  Check out this amazing article about Tony Hawk riding a real hoverboard!  Awesome!

From what I understand the board was more invented to help move ocean containers and the like but still the possibilities are huge.  It’s only a matter of time before kids are shattering bones with these things.

Now all we need is for some company to get working on my real Back to the Future dream flying cars.  Enough with all this traffic not to mention bridge tolls.  I’d like to see someone look into that time machine thing too but as a fan of the Butterfly Effect I don’t think it’s a good idea.  Also it’s impossible because inertia is a bitch.  Think about it.

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