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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Review part 3

Actually now that I think about it another issue was the lack of character development for some of the secondary characters.  It’s only been a year since the last film but I was really struggling to remember who Finnick was or why I should even care.  He had something going on but honestly faded back into the morass of good looking young white guys who infest these films lik hipsters are infesting my home town.  I would be hard pressed to tell him apart from Gale.  There were two other tributes besides Peeta but put a gun to my head and I still couldn’t pick them out from any one of the 100,000 jumpsuited Caucasians.  The only characters that stood out were the ones that had something distinctive about them (Boggs was the black guy, Effie looked like she was going through chemotherapy, Haymitch was the only male who didn’t look like he escaped from Abercrombie & Fitch island, President Coin had long hair, and Plutarch was of course Phillip Seymore Hoffman).

The action was fun but clearly shot with 14 year old girls in mind.  If unarmed humans charging trained troops armed with automatic weapons had been a viable strategy WWI would have ended in about a week.  Also I know it was important to show Katniss as this super hero but shooting down jet bombers with a bow and arrow is pretty laughable even with explosive arrows.  While I was having fun watching this film I could feel might thumb twitching hoping to find the fast forward button.  Pacing was sluggish and they could have dropped about 40 minutes of Primrose in my opinion (book fans don’t hate on me please).

But in the Valley of the Blind the one eye man is king and this film is the pick of the litter.  It might even have two eyes.  While most of the factions got stupider at least the overriding story isn’t lame and all the actors can and do act.  Funny T ShirtsYou buy Jennifer Lawrence as a girl caught up in events beyond her control and while the nature of her actual feelings for Peetah (or boy toy Gale) remains as mysterious as the joys of a womans body does for me at least you get the feeling she actually does have them (this line from one of our funny t shirts I think I have heard in my head about once a week for my entire life).


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