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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 10 the Corbomite Maneuver

This was a great episode in that it was the first one to feature DeForrest Kelly as Dr. McCoy.  Also it was great in that it had one of my favorite aliens in it, the Balok (or Commander Balok).  I was really disappointed when it turned out to be a little person and the cool alien face just a dummy.

I actually disapprove of turning the big bad alien into a cute little guy.  One of the best Sci Fi movies of the last 20 years, District 9, featured aliens that looked like 8 foot tall bipedal potato bugs yet somehow managed to make them sympathetic.  When they did Avatar they caved in and made the Na’vi look like super sexy cat people.  I see that as the easy route.  People like to say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but they do it all the time.  Hulk t shirtI guess I’m just bothered by that sort of thing as I look like a bouncer, tow truck driver, or Bond villains henchman but am in truth a sensitive and caring creative artistic soul (I’m not kidding, although you would have to know me for years to really see it.  Image of a misunderstood villain from our Hulk t shirt collection).  I just think this episode would have been cooler if they met the Balok and it turns out that his race is super scary but all have amazing singing voices or something.

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