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Dumb and Dumber To Review part 2

That’s pretty much the humor of this film in a nutshell.  The jokes are there and they are all technically funny but for the most part it’s all pointing to jokes that were done way better back in 1994 with better timing and more pizzazz.  Most of the best new humor came from the new straight man Travis (Rob Riggle).  There were a few funny moments but for the most part you sit there acknowledging the humor rather than laughing at it.

That’s not to say it wasn’t funny or worthwhile.  If you loved the first Dumb and Dumber odds are you will enjoy a lot of the call backs.  If fart humor makes you laugh there are a couple moments that are really great (I admit I have a certain penchant to laugh hysterically at a good fart joke.  So I’m lowbrow.  Sue me.  In college my best friend had a maneuver he used to call crop dusting.  I’ll just say it was hilarious and high end outdoor restaurants were his favorite target).  However I just felt it was a lot of the same Lloyd and Harry bumbling around the screen without being surprising or amazing like last time.

I’ll also say too much of the comic relief.  What made the first movie really work was the fact that Lloyd and Harry were so stupid dealing with people of at least normal intelligence.  What does not add to that humor is the addition of another character just as stupid but who also happens to be a super hot chick in her underwear.  Floyd and Harry were dumb, looked dumb, and had dumb haircuts.  Zombie t-shirtsRachel Melvin is super hot and in spite of what guys seem to want there is something really off putting about super hot super dumb girls (on the other hand she starred in something called Zombeavers this year so that makes her my favorite new breakout star.  Image from one of the zombie t-shirts in my personal collection).


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