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Dumb and Dumber To Review part 3

The story.  It’s now 20 years after the last film and Lloyd (Jim Carrey) has been in a comatose state for the entire time.  Harry (Jeff Daniels) has been visiting him and helping change his diaper but then finds out that it has all been a long practical joke (no spoiler there.  That is one of the three really good jokes that were played in the trailers).  Harry needs a kidney and when they find out he has an illegitimate daughter they go seeking her.  Some roundabout circumstances lead them to her adopted parents who send them on a cross country trip in an amusing vehicle to deliver a mysterious sealed object to a girl.  If that script sounds a lot like the story of the first Dumb and Dumber then I acknowledge your pattern recognition ability.

Other stuff happens too.  Rob Riggle goes along with them for some reason and they end up at a science conference but really just rewind the first Dumb and Dumber on the movie screen in your mind and you have seen this film.

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2 of 5 Meh.

So worth seeing?  Well, normally no but thanks to the giant wrecking ball known as Mockingjay there is literally zilcho coming out lately so sure.  Any port in a storm I guess.  If you were a fan of the the first one you will probably enjoy it but if not the 109 minutes will drag on with glacier slowness.  The good news is this film does not really require a lot of higher brain function so if you are looking for a film to get really stoned and/or drunk before seeing you have found your muse.  Personally I think Nightcrawler is both better and in a weird way funnier.  Date movie?  Not unless she likes excrement jokes.  Bathroom break?  Nothing really stands out as “must see” for this film.  Maybe the scene where Harry and Lloyd are trying to get into the science con but don’t dawdle as the scene with Stephen Hawking is one of the funnier ones.  2 out of 5 phasers.

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PS I just heard that they hired to do the new Wonder Woman move Michelle MacLaren.  She did a bunch of work on Breaking Bad and Walking Dead so that’s pretty cool news.  I don’t know why I just put that in here.  I guess it’s kind of exciting plus a chance to show off this great Wonder Woman t shirt.



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