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Some thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer Part 1

I’m kind of mixed.

So I watched the new trailer a few times today and I think I need to write out my feelings to really understand them.  I’m sure you, my beloved readers, will appreciate this insight into my thought process.

Casting my mind down memory lane I remember how it was to see the trailer for the Phantom Menace.  I, like most Star Wars fans, was unbelievably excited.  “OMG a new Star Wars!  I’m gonna start waiting on line now!”  Of course there were certain signs that in retrospect I should have seen for the dead mine canaries they were.  the Karate Kid t shirtMainly WTF was up with the title and who is this dopey kid looking like the worst child actor in the history of child actors?  (Ralph Macchio image from the Karate Kid t shirt collection)  However my natural enthusiasm helped me turn a blind eye to the danger like a heroin junkie looking at a used needle.

Then I saw the film and it was like someone had set my hair on fire and punched me in the balls for 136 minutes.  I couldn’t believe how awful it was and how far off the track of what makes Star Wars great it had gone.  Stunningly bad, and almost bad enough to make me question my love of some of the original three (most specifically Return of the Jedi).


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