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Some thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer Part 2

What came to pass…

Then came Attack of the Clones and I felt like maybe there was hope yet.  No more dopey kids, what looked like Stormtroopers, and Natalie Portman’s midriff.  I thought perhaps the Phantom Menace was just destined to be the one bad one so that when fans had to make a list of best to worst there would be no drama or nerd rage.  I walked into the theater with both hope and fear.  Of course Clones sucked as bad if not worse than Phantom Menace and I felt my respect for the entire franchise slip another 8 notches or so.  Movie t shirtI went back and rewatched the original series and came to the startling conclusion that Return of the Jedi is kind of a mediocre film and the only really good film in the series is the Empire Strikes Back (sorry fan boys.  I admit the Vader/Luke/Palpatine scene is super cool but there isn’t enough coolness in the universe to make up for the inclusion of the Ewoks.  ESB image from the movie t shirt category).

Finally we got Revenge of the Sith and by this point I was burnt out on hope.  I had had my dreams squelched by Lucas too much already and really only went to see the film from some kind of nerd obligation.  It’s was like looking for your missing dog and following a blood trail from the freeway to the bush where he died.  You really don’t want to see the mangled remains of your dear pet but you have to be sure and take care of it.  In this sense Revenge of the Sith did not disappoint.  I expected it to suck and it did.  I will agree it was the best of the three but winning that contest is like winning a self flagellation contest.  Being the best of the worst is not the same as being good.


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