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Some thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer Part 4

Well do this plus and minus style ok?

Plus: It’s a Disney production production rather than a Lucas Arts one.

I have had my issues with the Mouse but have more or less turned around in the last few years.  Films like Wreck It Ralph and Guardians of the Galaxy have reminded me that the thing Disney does better than anything else is make good films.  When they focused on dopey princess stories it was easy to deride them but since they have stepped into my preferred genres I have to say I like what they do.  They know how to please both fans and non fans and most importantly respect a license, keeping idiot writers and directors from marking up a beloved character like a dog urinating on a tree.

Minus: George Lucas is still listed as a writer.

Comic Book t shirtsThe irony of listing the creator of Star Wars as a major detractor is not lost on me but if there were ever a war crimes trials for nerds Lucas would have been lined up against a wall and shot for Jar Jar alone (right next to Joel Schumacher and anyone associate with the production of the Host.  Batman image courtesy of the comic book t shirts).  He wrote the basic treatment for these films and is somehow listed as the writer for the credits so I am really afraid he is going to be all over this film like a sexual predators DNA at a crime scene.


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