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Some thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer Part 5

JJ Abrams.

More pluses and minuses

Plus: JJ Abrams.

JJ Abrams has been known to do the occasional decent film and is most importantly a fan of Star Wars.  He has said for a long time he loves this franchise and I truly hope he will put a lot of effort into not screwing up.

Minus: JJ Abrams.

Personally I think he did an absolutely cretinous job with Star Trek (both of them) and has the habit of reforming things in his own image.  Also there is a reason fan fiction is hardly ever used by shows and movies and I don’t know if a fan boy is the best guy for the job.  Novelty t shirtIf I had written the script for the last Star Trek movie it would have certainly not had all the canon destruction and bad casting for Kirk but the temptation to take Kirk and Spock on a fantasy joyride where they destroy the entire Romulan Empire might have been hard to resist.  (Romulan symbol is one of the very cool novelty t shirts from the fantasy logo collection)  I think fans can make decent directors but a true fan might end up making his favorite character into some kind of super god.  Sometimes a little restraint is not a bad thing.


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