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Some thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer Part 6

The greatest star ship ever.

Still more pluses and minuses.

Star Wars T-ShirtsPlus: the Millennium Falcon.

If I could choose a vehicle to be buried in it would be the Falcon.  It is so freaking cool and true classic Sci Fi nostalgia not to mention the true symbol of Star Wars.  In a real sense I was glad it wasn’t ruined by appearing in Episodes I-III and am glad to see it reappear here.  I look forward to seeing it again.  (Image from the Star Wars t-shirts collection)

Minus: all the other techno crap in the trailer.

This film is falling into the same trap that sucked the prequels into and that is EVERY SINGLE THING YOU SEE HAS TO REFERENCE SOMETHING FROM THE ORIGINAL 3!  The problem is like the Uncanny Valley for non humans: the stuff looks almost right but is just off enough to make you not like it.  Is that an X-Wing fighter?  Yeah, sort of but not really.  Oh, look!  Stormtroopers.  Wait they changed the helmets.  Let’s feature a jet bike!  But what would make it cooler is if we glued one of the giant steamer trunks from Joe vs the Volcano to the front of it.  I’m not saying I dislike change (although really, I do) but sometimes it’s OK to come up with something original.  If the war is still going on 20 years later (Rebel symbol and Stormtroopers kind of implies it) the technological advancement should have been tremendous.  We don’t need to be constantly reminded of where this story came from.  It says so in the title with the words Star Wars.


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