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Some thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer Part 9

In conclusion…

Honestly I don’t know.  I have listed all the pluses and minuses a couple hours of thought can generate and still can’t make up my mind.  It could be awesome.  It could suck like a sarlacc.  My biggest worry is that is could be just plain mediocre.

There is one thing I am certain of and that is I won’t be sucked in again.  You stick your hand in fire a few times and you learn to not get burned (thanks dad.  I’ve always appreciated your Darwinian approach to child rearing).  I refuse to let my pulse get amped up until I am sitting in the theater and saying “Hey this is pretty cool”.  Transformers t shirtI expect the special effects and CGI to be amazing and flawless so the only things this film has to distinguish itself from any given Micheal Bay Tranformers movie is going to be the story and the characters (Decepticon logo courtesy of the Transformers t shirt collection).  JJ more or less had a crap story in both of the Star Trek films and his characters were pale parodies of existing characters so I honestly think he needs to truly step it up a lot to impress me.  Regardless of these factors I’m sure it will be a commercial success so I guess I am just tilting at windmills again.

However to be fair they’d have to screw up pretty major to do worse than George Lucas did.

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