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Horrible Bosses 2 Review Part 1

A film that basks comfortably in the warm glow of lowered expectations.

I have nostalgic feelings for the first Horrible Bosses as it was one of the first films that taught me that Rated R was not an automatic comedy success story.  I found it lame and pedestrian with very few funny moments but otherwise relatively unremarkable.  It wasn’t as bad as the Change Up but you wouldn’t be wrong to put the two movies in the same paragraph.  I walked into this theater expecting more of the same Chef Boyardee pasta with sawdust in place of Parmesan cheese.

Imagine my surprise when I found myself honestly laughing out loud on a fairly continuous basis.  I guess in the time since the first movie Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day have figured out how to work together without trying to remake the Three Stooges.  Either that or I have been so barraged with bad movies in the last couple years that my own taste has shifted from “I want to see something good” to “I want to see something that compares favorably to being staked out over a red ant pile and covered with honey”.

Regardless of motivation I found this movie to be shockingly entertaining.  The story no longer focused on an incredibly lame and nonsensical revenge plot and everyone had a motivation that I could relate to (which of us hasn’t dreamed of faking our own kidnapping in order to test our parents love?).  The jokes were better and the villains more worthy of what came to them.  Breaking Bad t shirtsI also am a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston, Christoph Waltz, and Jonathan Banks (Mike from Breaking Bad.  Los Pollos Hermanos image courtesy of our Breaking Bad t shirts)


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