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Horrible Bosses 2 Review Part 3

The story.  The three doofuses from the first film are back and now they have an invention they are trying to manufacture and sell.  They get called in by Rex to talk about their invention and Bert (Christoph Waltz) orders 100,000 units.  He later rips them off completely and plans to not only take over their business by also ruin them financially.  The boys decide to kidnap Berts son Rex (Chris Pine) and hold him for ransom.  They opt out but it turns out that Rex has serious daddy issues and wants to fake his kidnapping in order to get some of his dads money and prove that daddy loves him.  Elaborate plans are cooked up and then go awry.  Crosses are doubled and a couple of twists pop up.  The film ends modestly smothered under a blanket of deus ex machina but it is at an acceptable level.

So worth seeing?  In a normal month probably not but honestly with the Hunger Games scaring all the rest of the fish out of the water it is not a bad choice.  You will laugh.  You won’t gain a lot of insight into the transient nature of existence but you will laugh.  Bob Marley t shirtThis film would work really, really well with about half a bake on so try to get partially drunk or partially stoned before seeing it.  Or just down a sixer of Schlitz and play X-Box all night.  Either would be about the same level of entertainment.  (Image courtesy of our Bob Marley t shirt collection).

Thanks for reading.  I know I’ve been not writing a lot lately but this holiday business is kicking the crap out of my movie viewing time.  I’ll try to see something good this week and write it up.  Do social media stuff with us on Facetwitpinagram etc.  Thanks.

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