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The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Review Part 1

“Best of the Series.”

Best of the series is a term that is bandied around a lot these days usually as an excuse for a film that is slightly less repugnant than the rest of the Hollywood effluent that typically flows into our sight holes.  Star Wars T-ShirtsRevenge of the Sith was the best of the Star Wars prequel series but as a stand alone movie it is dried excrement on the end of a stick which is also made of dried excrement.  The last Twilight movie was like receiving a full lobotomy with a power sander but was modestly more watchable than the rest.  Only in the golden world of comparison can some films be considered decent if only like the first meal of actual food regardless of quality after a month of eating rotten horse meat, tree bark, and gravel.  (R2 image courtesy of the Star Wars t-shirts category)

This was not always the case.  The Empire Strikes Back is generally considered the best of the Star Wars series but is a great movie by itself and the other two are either good or watchable (Ewoks aside).  The Godfather 2 is one of the great films of the 20th century but Godfather 1 was awesome as well.  Somewhere there is a parallel universe wherein creating a film franchise does not mean watering the individual films down to the level of transparency.  The best of a series should be a wondrous film experience even for someone who did not see the other films, did not read the books, or is not a ravaging fan boy.


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