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The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Review Part 2

So the Hobbit.  Like I said, the best of the series.  Better in action, story, plot cohesion, and character development than any of the other two.  However the question I had to ask myself was “If I had never read the Hobbit nor seen the first two film would this film stand up” and the answer is an emphatic no.  It is not a good film.  The other question I asked myself was “If I had seen the first two films but had never read the book would I have enjoyed this film?”  That is a more interesting question.  I would at least be familiar with the events leading up and relatively familiar with Biblo, Thorin, and Gandalf but honestly there is no reason to give two farts about the other 12 dwarves, the elf love interest, Legolas, Bard the Bowman, or the rest.  In my opinion there is nothing here drawing you in to this series.  Game of Thrones T shirtsThere is more pull in any three back to back episodes of Game of Thrones (image courtesy of the Game of Thrones t shirt category).

But, as a fan who as read the book there was some really cool stuff here.  The scene where Dain Ironfoot shows up to confront the elves and men of Laketown was out of the book and really cool.  The battles were kind of cool (although really visually confusion.  For some reason they opted to put all the Goblins and trolls into full body steel armor in order to fight Dwarves in…full body steel armor.  I blame Michael Bay for the grey on grey fight aesthetic).  This film stuck to the original story more than the others and as such ended up being…the best of the series.  I wonder if there are any lessons to take home from that?


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