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Star Trek Retrospective: Episode 7 What Are Little Girls Made Of

This is another one that flies under my personal radar but when I see it I love it.  If I ever had the guts to shave my head I would totally do a Ruk costume for a convention.  I definitely have the size.  However it will always be Sherry Jackson in the x-costume that I remember most fondly.  It pretty much introduced me to the concept of side boob.

That being said the story was great and I loved seeing Lurch in a different role.  Ted Cassidy was great as a character actor and actually you would benefit from reading his Wikipedia article.  He was a very interesting person and had a cool life.  He was also very intelligent.  Horror Movie T-ShirtsI think the coolest part of Ruk was seeing bald Lurch as he could look when angry.  A pissed off 6’9″ Frankenstein-ish monster is not something you want to deal with.  (classic image courtesy of the Horror Movie t-shirts)

This was kind of a ground breaking episode as it set the tone for every machine intelligence episode that followed.  The whole question of the Doctor’s humanity from Voyager can be seen as started here.  The morality of the concept was better explored in the Ultimate Computer but the actual sentience was first looked at here.  Once again Star Trek breaks new technological ground that we are dealing with today.

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