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The Gambler Part 4

The plot is a rich douchbag with a gambling problem (Mark Wahlberg) owes a ton of money to a Korean gangster.  He borrows more money from a loan shark (Michael Kenneth Williams.  Movie t shirtHe was in the Road and Robocop.  Image courtesy of the movie t shirt collection) in order to lose even more.  A waitress at the casino is actually the guys student (Brie Larson) in his literature class and according to Professor Bennett a genius of writing.  Most of Bennetts classes are him bitching to his students about what untalented losers they all are and how writing at less then a genius level is a waste of time.  Everyone within a 300 mile radius tries to bail Bennett out by giving or lending him money but he keeps on gambling it away.  He gets another one of his students (Anthony Kelly) to throw a basketball game to pay off his loan shark and make a ton of money.  In the end he still owes a ton to the Korean gangster (Alvin Ing) and Johnathon Goodman and bets it all on black on a roulette table like an ass.

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1.5 of 5 Bleh

So what did you think Dave?  Honestly pass.  If you are a huge Marky Mark fan you might enjoy seeing him in sunglasses but otherwise this is not a lot to hook you in.  Rated R for language, some bizarre artistic drowning flashbacks a la Terrance Malick, and the tension of watching a character you hate throw his life away one card at a time.  It is a character movie without any character.  Maybe wait for NetFlix and see it on a Sunday morning while hung over.  1.5 of 5 phasers.

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