Supernatural Convention 2015

Thoughts on Family, Fun and Fandom. 

As fun as all of that was, and it really was, the best part of the convention was seeing the stars of the show as themselves rather than as their parts, in person and they were all uniquely lovely. Jarrod and Jenson weren’t there on Saturday at all, and they are quite pricey to get a picture or autograph with, but I honestly wasn’t there for them. I was there to see Misha Collins, whom I follow on Twitter and Facebook, who has his own charity, GISHWES, and who most people know as playing Castiel, the guy I was dressed up as. (Dary Dixon T-shirt from our vast Walking Dead T Shirt collection, because I want to see Cas and Daryl cross over).

Daryl Dixon Crossbow Girls T-ShirtI was also surprised and excited to see Sci-Fi god Mark Sheppard there, in all his cranky British glory, presiding over unruly fans with aplomb. Mark plays Crowley, the King of Hell on the show, the bad Angel to Cas’ good. Both of these gentlemen spoke a great deal about the importance of fandom, of family, and of taking care of ourselves and each other especially in the face of a world which can so often be cruel. They spoke out against bullying and Sheppard even spoke about self-harm, and about himself being a recovering alchaholic, now 20+ years sober. He said, “When you reach out in fandom, make sure you are extending a hand and not a fist. Because this is about love, including love for yourself. Lift each other up.”

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